by Daniel A. Nicholls. Poetry, art, and related problems.
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Jan 6

Jan 4


Courtney and I appeared on WUMB this afternoon and closed out our set with a cover of The Everly Brothers tune “All I Have To Do Is Dream.”

Dec 24
“The past is not behind us but beneath us, and the ground we walk on is nothing more than a pit of bones, from which the grass unstinting grows.” Olivia Laing, To the River (via botchedandecstatic)

Nov 21

an open ransom note to narrative magazine


Note: I wrote this a few months ago, after numerous unsuccessful attempts to unsubscribe from Narrative’s mailing list. But as I was about to publish it, Narrative stopped sending me emails, so I felt the rant was inappropriate. Yesterday, they put me back on the list. It’s on now, Narrative. It’s on.

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let’s think about this again.

Nov 18

Nov 4

Nov 2

Oct 13


Like sea foam cracked
across darker mossy rocks
are my lover’s eyes to me—
heady, salty, and cold.

by Daniel A. Nicholls
Originally published in Commas and Colons.

Jul 22
“Fragments. Two weeks on the Río Camisea. Upon returning to Iquitos, I found the little bookshelf in my cabin encased in a termite mound; I had to peel the few books, the radio, letters, and journals out of the hard coating, and the most recent journal, which was on top, has been devoured, except for the cover, which is covered in plastic. One passage is left: “…broods a storm. Hate is seething over the rain forest. Where in the depths of history has the word ‘reprobate’ gone missing?”” Werner Herzog, Conquest of the Useless (via botchedandecstatic)


After the hottest show of the tour on Wednesday night at The Garage in Charlottesville, VA, Courtney and I went into the cool, cool Magruder House next door and filmed this performance of “Let’s Go Down To Memphis.”