by Daniel A. Nicholls. Poetry, art, and related problems.
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Jul 20

purple veins dark wash

asleep against a lightning cloud
it’s soft like forearm hair against my temple
it’s pillowy like flesh of fingers plum against the back of my neck
it’s a dark grey gauzy wadded up across the sky on the other side of of the airplane’s cubbyhole windows
the lightning strikes my dreaming
but my joints are young enough to spring

the gutters of my tendons creak
  like a ship’s mast
strung with the wind and rope
  and thick canvas
that catches the blue flash of electric’s
  lingering luminescent dye

the sea is my brow
the seamen are my eyes
  and are all of our eyes

on the far side of the storm edge
dusk keeps not quite going out
we pursue the sinking iron
red with its own shaping
into the water      steam the surge of midnight blue
pinned above the clouds
  the scattered white embers of city lights
  the wingtip flashing
  the lightning that tears the grey in half
  the sailors’ eyes
  offshore        straining