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Jun 29

DRUNK history


I think that this is definitely true to an extent. DRUNK was a small group of people writing poems while drunk. It was started by myself and Kendra Grant Malone. Initially, we were just emailing each other the DRUNK poems with plans of making a chapbook. We put together a manuscript but never did anything with it (the picture at the top of the DRUNK blog is what it would’ve looked like). Instead, we started the blog. I don’t remember how we got others involved. It was originally just going to be for mine and Kendra’s poems. I think maybe Justin Rands asked to join or something. Honestly, I have no idea how it expanded but it did and it became a somewhat popular, at least by the 2008 indie lit scene’s standards. We got some bigger names involved (Chris Killen, Tao Lin [though I suspect that Tao Lin was never actually drunk when posting to the DRUNK blog], Sam Pink [and Mike Young was added to blog but never posted, same goes for Chelsea Martin, I think]) which brought more readers. Eventually it was just myself, Bryan Coffelt, Justin Rands, and occasionally Kendra blogging. I wrote the DRUNK SONNETS and eventually it died out. There hasn’t been a new post since October 26th, 2010.

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Now hear this you remoran sincerists and Roeggenbuicks.