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Sep 19

Int’l Book Week found renga

It may or may not be International Book Week, which for some reason heralds the arrival of an arbitrary-sentence meme. Grab the nearest book, they say: turn to page 52, pick out the 5th sentence, and impose that sentence on the consciousness of others without attribution.

Well, I have 3 books equally near me in a tidy stack. They all have at least 52 pages, and the two poetry books barely had five sentences on their respective pages, so 2/3 of them end a work. Which seems peculiar. Below they are presented, top to bottom, their found order, unattributed though typical of their authors.

An aside: Maybe we should be talking about why a supposed international week devoted to books should be observed by stripping authors of attribution.



The old cleric seemed to have been deep in prayer, for it took several seconds for his eyes to focus on the newcomers, and even then all he managed to do was nod and turn away.

Inspiration that lives secluded
and flees among the trees like Nils Dacke.

An unexpected weight
the sign of their ripeness.